Handee Hook-Double Handled Tandem Axle Pin Puller


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Wholesale ( In Units of 20) $12.56 each… Total case price is $469.60


Save money, time and your health with the The Handee Hook semi tandem axle pin puller tool. Reduce fuel cost and spend more time on the road driving. The Handee Hook semi tandem axle pin puller tool is designed for quick access to pins on your trailer.

You have the advantage of the two handles of The Handee Hook while working between trailers. Avoid the chance of serious muscle strains or back injuries and use the Handee Hook semi tandem axle pin puller. Frozen up rusty trailer pins can be a serious problem and can lead to workman comp claims. Protect your business and health and reduce the chance of work place injuries.

Just pull out our Handee Hook axle pin puller tool, grab the Double Handles and pull those tough stuck pins. Every company and driver needs the Handee Hook semi tandem axle pin puller tool

What are the most common work related trucking industry injuries? muscles, tendons, and nerves.

  • Pulling and Gripping objects too tightly
  • Repetition without rest
  • pulling and Lifting awkward heavy objects


Injuries that are most common types in the Trucking Industry…

  • Muscle sprain and strain, pulled muscles
  • (epicondylitis) Tennis ElbowTendonitis, inflammation or irritation of a tendon
  • (CTS) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Dislocation, Pinched nerves, Shoulder Pain
  • Ruptured or bulging or disks and Back pain

Protect your health and reduce injuries on the job as a trucker and order the Handee Hook-Double Handled Pin Puller today.

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Weight 2 oz

Retail(one unit), Wholesale(In Units of 20 )