Persuader-Sliding Tandem Axle Pin Puller Tool


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Are you tired of crawling under your trailer and getting dirty and hurting your back? A stubborn rear axle pin can cause you a great deal of grief and pain and cost money as well. The Persuader sliding tandem axle pin puller tool is designed to use leverage to your advantage.  Using the tandem axle pin puller is easy and fast and can get you on the road in time. Have you ever woke up and found your pin frozen and hard to pull and cost you too much time? Well those days will be over with the Persuader sliding tandem axle pin puller tool.

Using the Persuader is easy, just hook onto your tandem axle pin and and place the knob on the base of your trailer and pull on the gripped handle. The Persuader is all about more leverage and less muscle! This device will greatly reduce a chance of pulling a muscle or straining yourself.

The most  common types of injuries on are to tendons,  nerves, and muscles.


  •  Lifting and pulling  heavy awkward objects
  •  Repetition and not having the correct  amount of rest
  •  Pulling and Gripping  objects too tightly straining can cause serious injuries

The most common types of trucking injuries?

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can be a very common condition which is caused by a compressed nerve in carpal tunnel.
  •  pulling and reaching can cause serious muscle strain and sprains
  • Another condition that is common is Tennis Elbow (epicondylitis),   This condition happens when forearm muscles become damaged from overuse.nditio
  • Rotator cuff injury, Tendon rupture, Torn cartilage Shoulder Pain, Pinched nerves, Dislocation,
  •  Dislocation,  Pinched nerves, Shoulder Pain,
  • Bulging or ruptured disks caused from awkward fast movements and lifting heavy objects.  Muscle Strain and Ligament Spraining.
  • Inflammation or irritation  caused from Tendonitis.


Reduce injuries on your trucking job and order the Persuader-Sliding Tandem pin Puller today

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