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Ruduce workplace injuries and avoid workman comp claims. Are you tired of pulling muscles or hurting your back?

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Easy and fast to use is our priority. Having an axle pin puller tool will make life easier and keep you on the road. Are you tired of spending your time with stuck tandem pins?

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Pulling tandem axle pins has never been Faster, Easier and Safer! Every trucker needs a pin puller tool in their toolbox. We do the hard work, just select the product you wish to order, then check out with Paypal and we will have your order on it's way!


Handee Hook-Double Handled Tandem Axle Pin Puller

Are you tired of crawling under your trailer and pulling those hard to reach tandem axle pins? The Handee Hook-Double Handled Tandem Axle Pin Puller is the perfect tool for pulling axle pins. Not only is it great for pulling pins, but it also a handy tool for reaching items on your trailer. Every truck driver needs Handee Hook double handled tandem axle pin puller. We Guarantee you'll love the Handee Hook pin puller.


Persuader-Sliding Tandem Axle Pin Puller Tool

The Persuader sliding tandem axle pin puller tool is designed to use leverage for hard to pull pins. This is the perfect tool to break frozen or rusty pins free on your trailer and get you on the road in time. Every trucker needs a Persuader in their toolbox for those tricky pins. We Guarantee this tool will make your job easier and save you time on those hard to move pins.